Teleflix Season 1, Episode 1: Cable vs. Television (Pilot)



Netflix. What a phenomenal advancement in the world of television – and procrastination. Besides the ability to easily watch some of your favorite shows in the click of a keyboard, we don’t know a lot about Netflix. But we want to. As the writers of this blog, we don’t pay for Cable TV anymore because we have “most” of what we want on Netflix. Does this mean that Netflix will eventually take over television? That is one of the questions we intend to find the answer to.

  • What shows are unavailable to Netflix but have a high viewer rate on television?
  • What shows are the most popular on each? This could be a reason that Netflix might not take over TV since it doesn’t give us access to view everything.
  • How does Netflix get access to its shows?
  • Will TV eventually disappear?
  • Will Netflix eventually disappear?

Another question we have – because of personal experience, we know that Netflix results in a great number of procrastination around college students in particular – did TV ever result in putting off your studying, homework, or papers? Or does Netflix do that because of how easily accessible it is – on your laptop and phone that you almost always have with you without having to sit in your living room. To find the answers to these question, we are planning to research and compare the viewers of Netflix vs. Cable Television; the costs of the two per year, the viewers each have obtained at the start of their appearance in our culture, and the amount of users each have obtained in the most recent year of 2016 are our areas of research.

  • What is the cost of Netflix vs. Cable for a full year?
  • What amount of people viewed Netflix vs. Cable at the start of each of their careers?
  • Do older generations use Netflix or is it mostly the millennials?
  • Does media convergence tie into why these mediums exist?
  • & the biggest question: last year, in 2016, which medium had more users? Why?

Many advancements in television viewing have been made in this century already – Family Video, red box, Hulu, and our favorite: Netflix. In this day and age, we look for the goods or services that are most useful to us, and in turn the outdated services are thrown to the side. We as millennials have seen the rise and fall of Blockbuster, Family Video, red box, DVD’s and other entertainment services that have simply underperformed compared to their successor.

Netflix has already affected our lives – we don’t have to sit in front of a TV at the right time to see a show we want to watch anymore. So we really want to find out how long Netflix will be around and if we will ever have to resort back to Cable television.

Who will win in the great fight of Teleflix?

-Adam & Syd


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