Teleflix Season 1, Episode 5…Syndication

Television syndication, in a nutshell, is a channel or network selling another network or channel the rights to broadcast the show on their own channel or network.  So, for example, syndication took place when Netflix bought the rights to show “How I Met Your Mother” as part of their streaming service.

As much money as Netflix has, and how powerful they are in the entertainment industry, it should be no problem for them to pick up the most popular shows…right?

Well, it isn’t as easy as people think. There are several issues that keep Netflix from getting the shows that are so valuable to other networks.  For example, many channels will ask for an extremely large sum of money to syndicate their show, such as the TV show “Sense8” would allegedly cost Netfliix around $9 million per episode. Netflix has to decide whether or not they want to invest that type of money into one show.

Another key issue is the competition is growing, and growing fast. Other streaming sites like Amazon and Hulu make Netflix’s time getting shows much harder, because lots of networks will ask for more money in order to get the exclusive rights to syndicate a show. Also, Hulu is owned by Disney, Fox, and Comcast, which in turn gives Hulu solo rights to many of their shows.

Netflix has attempted to battle this issue by creating their own original shows, and they have had lots of success.  Well-renowned shows like “Stranger Things” “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” have given Netflix large amount of fans and followers.

Although Netflix has also had a few original shows that have been less than stellar, it appears that they are not afraid to take chances and make shows that could help them grow in terms of fan support, which in turn generates more money. If they can’t get the popular shows, they will create their own. – Adam


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