Teleflix Season 1, Final Episode – So… Who won?

Well, the answer we have all been waiting for – so does Netflix or Television win?

Before we get to that… lets discuss why we even have to ask that question. It is all due to media convergence. Media convergence is basically the merging of all of the mass communications: print, television, radio, Internet. All of these have led us to the point that we now have two great, advanced, technological sources for entertainment.

Around 80 years ago, no one had the option to even choose between two great mediums like Cable and Netflix. For entertainment, people would have to read books or play games, roam witht-rex dinosaurs (ha!) etc. We are now in the age of transformation. According to the book “Journalism Next” by Mark Briggs, all businesses will be forever changing because of the technological pace we are experiencing. He says about media “There is no magical switch that will move us all from one model to another” (2). I think this quote can be directly applied to the topic at hand. Netflix didn’t come about and immediately “turn off” Cable. But slowly, espet-rexcially around the year 2014, Netflix started taking some viewers from Cable, not all at once but as Netflix stepped up its game.

So, the winner is…………………………………us. As viewers and consumers, I believe that we are all the true winners for being able to have two constant entertainment sources to pick between. But in all honesty, we don’t think Cable TV is going anywhere. We do believe it will and certainly has lost viewers along the way because of the accessibility and quality of Netflix, but it has dedicated users & will be a part of our digital age for a long time. Netflix and Cable have both established themselves in this fast-paced digital world we live in, and until we start finding better ways to spend our time than sit in front of a screen for hours, they will be here. – Syd & Adam


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